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A little of history ...


By law, Cognac can only be the result of the distillation of wines grown in the Delimited Area of Cognac.


A grower may either distil his wines himself or have them ditilled. The result of this distillation is known only as an "eau de vie".


It is the merchant who is the real producer of Cognac. It is his role to age the different "eaux de vie" and then to blend them to effect their transformation into Cognac.


The merchant's task is far from being an easy one. He is constantly tasting "eaux de vie" from different vineyards and of different years in order to choose those best adapted to the blend he is making.


He must store these 'eaux de vie" in Limousin oak casks, each one hand picked to ensure an optimum ageing.


Even the choice of warehouses where these casks are stored is in itself important. There must be just the right range of temperatures and level of humidity to guarantee the best quality of Cognac. In this respect, long established firms like Roullet-Fransac have a distinct advantage in using nineteenth century cellars.

Visit of the Domain

The Roullet family have been merchants since 1838. They were the first in the Cognac region to bottle Cognac. Georges Roullet, the present day owner of the Roullet Fransac firm, represents the fifth generation.


The Cognac Delimited Area covers roughly 80 000 hectares. However, it is the "eaux de vie" which come from immediately round the town of Cognac itself which are most favoured by the merchants. These areas are known as "Grande Champagne", "Petite Champagne" and "Borderies". Especially in the "Grande Champagne" and the "Petite Champagne" the soil is very chalky. The wines from these areas are well known for their high acidity, a most necessary element to obtain a good "eau de vie" after distillation.


The House of Roullet Fransac has always preferred both the "Grande Champagne" and the "Petite Champagne", with a penchant for the former which is universally recognised as the best area by the whole Cognac industry.


Roullet Fransac XO is the result of the subtle blending of outstanding "extra old Cognacs" originating exclusively in the two premier districts : Grande Champagne and Petite Champagne.


Roullet Fransac Réserve Ancestrale Cognac is a Premier Cru from the best Grande Champagne vineyards.


A constant search for quality, a certain moderation in development, such are today the dominating features of Maison Roullet Fransac.

A highly reputable marque, Fransac is synonimus with tradition, good taste and refinement.


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